How-to Tips

1. Benefits of Wooden Flooring for your Home


Wood is one of the oldest material used. It is also a renewable source of raw material and it comes in various patterns and colors which will spice up your home. Wood is the most environmentally friendly flooring option; the trees absorb carbon dioxide to produce nutrient for consumption, which means that they whatever carbon dioxide absorbed in their system. When wood are sourced responsibly, well built and are used as building material,  the absorbed carbon dioxides are locked out of the atmosphere permanently. Hardwood flooring also require less water and energy to produce compared to other substitute and can be recycled at the end of their life-cycle.

Calm for the Body and Soul

A study found that exposure to wood products and interior is great for our body and brain. Exposing oneself to wood products over time has measurable health benefits that is similar to that of spending time in nature. Those benefits includes lower heart rate, lower blood pressure, better air quality, and also lowering stress levels of a person. When installed at home, it will create a relaxing atmosphere allowing the body to rejuvenate from days work and giving good night sleeps and calmer moods.

Better Air Quality

Wood products has also shown to improve air quality in the area where they are installed. Wood is capable to moderate humidity of its surroundings, this occurs because wooden products are constantly absorbing and releasing moisture to maintain the moisture of surrounding air. Thus woods are able to absorb more moisture during humid days then releasing back into air when the air is dry, a perfect solution for office or homes where air-conditioning usually dries out the air affecting the air quality at the same time.

2. Advantages of Water-based Lacquer for Wooden Floor

At Liek Timber Flooring, customer’s satisfaction and safety is our top priority. We use only top-grade ‘water-based lacquer’ for finishing and coating – not only to guarantee beautiful and longer-lasting floors but also promising a safer and eco-friendly environment for our customers.

Eco-friendly, Healthier & Safer

Water-based lacquer contains no VOC’s (volatile organic compound) that emits harmful gas that are unsafe for people or pets. This is unlike oil-based lacquer, which contains benzene or ethylene glycol which will emit harmful fumes for a long period of time until dry. Water-based lacquers use plant based substances thus making them safer for the health and well being of users.

Faster Dry Time

Water-based coat dries up much faster than oil-based ones. This allows a complete recommended number of coating to be applied in just one day and the work process can be shorten and speed up. Unlike oil-based lacquer which will take at least 24 hours to dry up and at the same time emitting harmful and unpleasant odors.

Improved Durability

The durability of water-based lacquer has evolved because manufacturers have successfully developed better lacquer that is able to deliver greater resistance to abrasion. Water-based lacquer is now one of the most durable finishes out there due to the improved binders and additives. It also penetrates deeper into the wood thus gives them better protection and it last longer when applied correctly.

Original Wood Colour is Maintained

With a clear coat, customers are able to maintain the natural color of their beautiful wood flooring. The wood grain is highlighted in greater detail with water-based finishing. Contrary to oil-based coating, they tend to give the wood a darker tone after drying, and over time with exposure to UV rays, they will turn into a yellowish-amber tone.